Threshold Adjustment

by Cancelled

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released December 25, 2013



all rights reserved


Cancelled Cambridge, Ontario

Hey, I make music sometimes. Here she be is.

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Track Name: Jesus/Jesse
There's no outrunning specters past. Things run free in the night, and they can burn me for all I care. I won't reveal the miles of distance to the burning sea. These things that roam, free in the night. Crush my hands to fragments and tie my arms to the rock and thin me. Find myself forever in mild disgust. The birds and I. Reminded of this coming disaster. You can't stop the experts.
Track Name: 407
Sway back and forth, I ride. Endless motion in the night. Canned up with little air. I won't arrive anywhere. Washed away this darkness' foul. I'm dead within one or two hours. The destination always come too soon. I'm trapped in my 53 foot living room.
Track Name: Breakdown Band
I've seen the signs from far away. The distance suffered and it's calling me. When will it take my soul? Come a little closer. It's all downhill from here. Did you call it quits too soon?
Forever ungrateful for the chances I've had. Writing down these words half in the bag. I wouldn't start over and neither should you. We'd be no better off. Did you call it quits too soon?
Track Name: The Low End (Ready for Everything)
Breathe deep, breathe low. I should have stood still. Where did the time go? Aim high, lose slow. I should have stood still? Born ready. I wish I had all the answers but I don't. I wish I had one more chance, but I don't. One more chance, one more chance is all I need to be born ready for everything. Except for this.